Redheads Group Projects:

Connecting people and technologies for a better future.

Below are some of our projects that have been completed or that are currently in progress.
We are always open for new projects to get involved with, so please feel free to make contact should you see potential for collaboration.

Projects in the

Renewable Power Generation Industry:

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    Developing a 3rd generation CSP plant

    Our team is developing an enhanced-design third generation Concentrating Solar Power plant that can provide clean energy to industrial and residential clients.

  • Windfarm
    Windfarm construction

    We have supported the construction of wind farms in South Africa, including the Social Responsibility requirements of such projects

  • PowerLine
    Substation and transmission line construction

    Our teams are supporting the construction of substations as well as transmission lines that connect renewable power plants to the national grid.

Projects in the

Conventional Power Generation Industry:

  • Turbine
    Execution of overhauls on steam turbines

    Together with our Joint Venture Partner TMS Turbomaschinenservice GmbH, our teams are conducting overhauls on some of South Africa's coal power stations, working on the turbines, generator and auxilliaries. Our main drive is to reduce outage duration and increasing quality of execution.

  • Powerlines
    Maintenance and repair on power stations and substations

    We compiled teams of skilled workers that have done varying levels of maintenace and repairs on many of the national power stations and even substations.

  • PPE Box
    Project and Site Managers supplied to some of the projects undertaken by the national energy supplier

    We have supplied site and project managers to ensure timely and accurate completion of projects.

Projects in the

Automotive Industry:

  • TestVehicle
    Field Operation Test for vehicle sensor autonomous driving

    Testing prototype sensors for a German automotive supplier by driving over 100 000 kilometers through cities, residential areas, country roads and motorways all over South Africa. Our Technicians resolved technical errors, installed updated hardware. Drivers reported possible error causes accurately and software updates were uploaded during the shifts by our operators, allowing for immediate feedback.

  • VehicleTests
    Hot climate testing support for international car manufacturers

    We support international car manufacturers doing hot climate testing of their prototype test runs during the summer months in South Africa and have the capacity to execute these evaluation runs on behalf of our clients.

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    Quality feedback during production ramp-up of new automotive models

    We execute quality validation runs on new production model during the ramp-up so that the OEM could get immediate feedback on any issues arising.

Projects in the

Engineering Sector:

  • Power Industry
    Consulting to the power industry

    Our experts assess power stations' effectiveness, formulate recommendations for operational effectiveness enhancements, and oversee the implementation of these recommendations.

  • Crew
    Specialized skills candidates provided to companies

    Resources with very specific skills have been seconded and outsourced to clients that needed these individuals for only the duration of single projects.

  • Bosch
    Bosch I-Business

    We supply Bosch Industrial Business parts, which include: DC motors, pumps and valves, relays, connectors, sensors, spark plugs, and many other automotive related parts. We assist our clients in adaptation of these parts to their requirements where needed.

Projects in the

Information Technology Industry:

  • IT Positions
    Recruitment for the South African branch of a German company's IT Hub

    Finding candidates with software development, SAP, IT support or helpdesk skills for the South African leg of the German company.

  • RDE
    Redheads Germany specializes in software development

    Redheads Software Solutions Support, based in N├╝rnberg Germany, does software development for embedded, web, mobile and data science applications.