We provide the following services:


Where our customers wish to outsource engineering work, Redheads Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd offers complete solutions - taking over documentation, development or design work in form of complete projects or subprojects.

We take responsibility of work packages or projects of clients in development and construction, documentation, maintenance and project management, and complete these with an absolute quality orientation.

Through our international group, we have a knowledge network we can resort to, enabling us to deliver our services to you in a quality that conforms to international best practice.

A typical project is the execution of your detail engineering work for electrical or mechanical work, documenting your basic design in the CAD/CAE system of your choice.

Through reliability and the quality of our work we are striving to become your preferred, long-term engineering partner.


Redheads Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd also offers engineering and management consulting services. We are specialised in process optimisation and process reengineering, business strategy and change management.

Previous successful engagements of our staff have been with large companies such as Siemens and Airbus, as well as with small and medium-sized companies.


For those clients who prefer that the project work is done on their premises within their own project team, but who require specific engineering resources for the project, we can second our staff on a contract basis. We can provide engineers and other technical personnel employed by Redheads Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd to our clients on short notice and on a temporary basis where additional engineering capacity or specific know-how is required.

Staff seconded to our clients is generally available to our clients at short notice. Where our customers require specific resources we do not already employ, we are able to recruit those engineers within short time frames due to our extensive database and our international network.

Your benefits of contracting temporary staff through our personnel services offering include:

- Flexibility in resource management: you can bridge periods of peak demand for staff with our temporary staff.
- Fast access to skills and know-how.
- Access to scarce skills and know-how.
- Your fixed manpower costs become variable costs.
- Your HR administration and HR issues will be reduced significantly.

Arrangements can also be made for you to take over our temporary staff in your service on a permanent basis if you wish to do so.


Where our clients wish to fill permanent positions within their organisation with permanent staff, Redheads Engineering Solutions (Pty) Ltd can assist with recruiting services. Since we are part of an engineering group, we are specialised on recruiting of engineers, technologists and technicians.

We will screen potential candidates and provide you with a shortlist of suitable candidates. By means of our large database, extensive contacts in the engineering world and the global reach of the Redheads Group we have a wide variety of sources at our disposal where we can locate suitable candidates for you in a short period of time.

Being engineers ourselves, we understand our engineering clients' requirements.

Software development

We can either develop the required software for the client in house, or we can recommend the correct companies or team to develop the desired product.

    New clients please contact our Business Support Manager, Venette Bronner, on +27.12.8168720