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Redheads provides consulting services and comprehensive EPCM to Turnkey solutions in both traditional and emerging energy sectors. Our services span from conceptualisation to regulatory approvals, the full range of engineering discipline designs (pre-FEED, FEED, detailed), fabrication, construction, installations, commissioning, operations, and maintenance.

With an established history in the energy infrastructure sector, Redheads possesses the experience and track record necessary to support clients through every stage of the energy project value chain.

Our portfolio includes a variety of energy projects, executed across numerous regions. Redheads maintain strategic partnerships within the energy sector, including with other consultants, contractors, and proprietary technology providers. These alliances enable us to efficiently respond to and execute projects of any size and type.


As we journey into a future dominated by digital transformation and autonomous mobility, the automotive industry is steering innovation and technology. Every component and technology that Redheads Engineering Services evaluates, and tests play a significant role in enhancing vehicle performance, safety, and efficiency. These crucial steps ensure millions of people worldwide have access to reliable, secure, and advanced mobility solutions.

Redheads Engineering Services has the industry expertise to handle and execute complex automotive projects through their entire lifecycle. Regardless of challenging specifications and high-quality demands, clients rely on us for accuracy, consistency, and overall excellence.


As the global population continues to rise, so does the demand for resources. While sustainable energy alternatives are being discovered and deployed, oil, gas, and chemicals still play an integral part in our daily lives. These resources power our industries, facilitate crop production, and provide the energy needed to alleviate millions of extreme poverty annually. Moreover, they constitute the fundamental building blocks for almost everything we utilize in modern life.

Redheads Engineering Services stands as an expert in the oil, gas, and chemical industries. Our proficiency and experience encompass the entire value chain of midstream and downstream sectors. Our capabilities range from design and installation to bulk pipelines, storage, and end-user facilities.


In a future propelled by widespread electrification, the mining industry has a pivotal role to play. Many of the resources that Redheads Engineering Services assists in mining, processing, and transporting are essential in energy storage and release mechanisms. These resources are crucial for alleviating energy poverty affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Redheads Engineering Services possesses the proficiency to manage and execute intricate mining and metal projects throughout their entire life cycle. Even in challenging and remote locations around the globe, clients rely on us for capital efficiency and project certainty.

Our expertise in mining processes spans all aspects of minerals and metals recovery, from preliminary studies, process design, and engineering to procurement, fabrication, construction, start-up, and commissioning of processing facilities of any size and accompanying infrastructure.

We offer services ranging from expansions and retrofits of existing facilities to the design and construction of greenfield developments requiring comprehensive infrastructure facilities. We are adept at building and maintaining mining projects of varying scales in remote areas of the world.


Redheads Engineering Services aims to be a leading provider of professional services for the design, development, delivery, and ongoing support of both private and construction infrastructure.

These projects are actualized through our global team of multidisciplinary specialists in engineering, project management, safety, environmental considerations, project finance, fabrication, and construction. Our team consists of registered professional engineers across various countries and jurisdictions who assume full legal responsibility for their work, with a profound understanding of potential environmental and public safety impacts.

Our formidable partnerships with large-scale contractors allow us to deliver comprehensive solutions globally for capital infrastructure projects of all sizes. Moreover, our construction teams, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, are proficient in delivering small- and medium-sized infrastructure projects.


In an age driven by technology and rapid advancement, the aerospace industry is at the forefront of this new era. The materials and technologies that Redheads Engineering Services assists in developing, manufacturing, and maintaining are integral to both the defence and commercial sectors. These are key to supporting billions of people worldwide in their daily lives, from communications to travel, and weather prediction to defence systems.

Redheads Engineering Services holds the expertise to manage and execute complex aerospace projects throughout their entire lifecycle. Regardless of challenging environments or demanding specifications, clients count on us for precision, reliability, and operational efficiency.

Our proficiency in aerospace processes spans all aspects, from conceptual design and engineering to manufacturing, testing, and maintenance. We cover both hardware (aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, etc.) and software aspects of aerospace systems.