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Redheads Group


For clients seeking to outsource their engineering tasks, Redheads Engineering Services provides comprehensive solutions. Our expertise extends to handling complete projects or subprojects, whether it pertains to documentation, development, or design.

We assume full responsibility for client work packages or projects in areas such as development, construction, documentation, maintenance, and project management. Our commitment to absolute quality underpins every facet of our operations, ensuring that every task we undertake aligns with your exact specifications.

As part of our international conglomerate, we have access to a robust knowledge network that informs our practice. This global perspective empowers us to deliver services of a quality that adheres to international best standards, positioning your business to thrive in any market.

Choose Redheads Engineering Services for solutions that embody excellence, innovation, and international best practices.


Redheads Engineering Services presents a comprehensive suite of offerings that encompass master planning, due diligence, market studies, data gathering, serving as owner’s engineer or technical advisor, project management, conceptual and feasibility studies, business analysis and solutions design, digital assessment and solutions, project and business financial modelling, and support in raising business and project finance.

Our team is comprised of global experts possessing a well-rounded understanding of commercial, regulatory, environmental, and technical matters. Their wealth of knowledge is reinforced by strong engineering, design, construction, and project delivery proficiencies. Our multidisciplinary team includes professionals across a variety of disciplines, such as chemical and process, mechanical, geotechnical, electrical, structural, civil, and fire engineering.

Our team is actively involved in every phase of the project lifecycle, from conceptualisation and pre-feasibility to feasibility and execution. We are adept at providing integrated solutions that blend strategy, management, and technical consulting, progressing smoothly into areas where our delivery expertise shines.

Redheads Engineering Services takes pride in our capability to translate consulting advice into practical applications, overseeing processes from fabrication and development construction through to implementation or commissioning. This ensures that the solutions we propose are implemented accurately and effectively.

On the whole, Redheads Engineering Services’ diverse expertise, extensive experience in commercial, regulatory, environmental, and technical spheres, and our ability to execute solutions from strategy through to implementation, position us as a valuable partner for asset-intensive businesses across various sectors. Trust Redheads Engineering Services for solutions that align with your strategic goals and deliver optimal results.


Redheads Contracting Services delivers an exceptional range of contracting solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors. We specialize in providing contracted resources, drawing from a pool of talented professionals to support your project requirements.

Our contract services extend across a multitude of disciplines, offering clients access to specialists in areas such as engineering, project management, business analysis, digital solutions, and financial modelling, among others. We understand the value of time in business, and thus, we provide swift and efficient staffing solutions to keep your projects moving forward.

Redheads Contracting Services prides itself on its international network of seasoned professionals. Their broad spectrum of commercial, regulatory, environmental, and technical knowledge, coupled with hands-on expertise in engineering, design, construction, and project delivery, makes us a one-stop solution for all your contracting needs.

Our experienced team is actively involved throughout the entire project lifecycle, from conceptualisation and pre-feasibility to feasibility and execution. We provide end-to-end contracting services, seamlessly integrating strategy, management, and technical expertise.

Redheads Contracting Services has the capacity to translate strategic advice into concrete results, overseeing processes from initiation to completion. This includes fabricating, constructing, and implementing solutions, ensuring the precise execution of every project we undertake.

In essence, Redheads Contracting Services’ comprehensive expertise and experience in commercial, regulatory, environmental, and technical aspects, alongside our ability to implement strategic solutions, position us as a valuable partner for businesses requiring expert contracted resources. Entrust your contracting needs to Redheads for a seamless, proficient, and effective execution of your projects


When our clients are in pursuit of specialized, hard-to-find talent to augment their teams, Redheads Engineering stands ready to provide unparalleled recruitment services. As part of a robust engineering conglomerate, we specialise in sourcing and recruiting top-tier engineers, technologists, and technicians to meet your specific needs.

Our recruitment process includes thorough screening of potential candidates, from which we compile a shortlist of those best suited to your organization’s requirements. Harnessing our expansive database, broad network within the engineering industry, and the global reach of the Redheads Group, we have a diverse range of resources to source ideal candidates within an efficient timeframe.

As practicing engineers, we possess an intimate understanding of the needs and nuances of engineering roles. This insider perspective equips us to effectively match your recruitment needs with the right talent. Trust Redheads Engineering for professional, prompt, and proficient recruitment services tailored to the unique demands of the engineering sector.

Featured Projects

At Redheads we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio of projects spanning multiple industries. Our expertise and commitment to innovation have led us to partner with some of the most renowned names in the Renewable Power Generation, Conventional Power Generation, Automotive, Engineering, and Information Technology industries. Below are a few highlights of our featured projects and achievements from our Group:

  • Windfarm Construction

    We have supported the construction of wind farms in South Africa, including the Social Responsibility requirements of such project

  • Substation and Transmission Line Construction

    Our teams are supporting the construction of substations as well as transmission lines that connect renewable power plants to the national grid

  • Hot Climate Testing Support for International Car Manufacturers

    We support international car manufacturers doing hot climate testing of their prototype test runs during the summer months in South Africa and have the capacity to execute these evaluation runs on behalf of our clients.

  • Execution of Overhauls on Steam Turbines

    Together with our Joint Venture Partner TMS Turbo machine service GmbH, our teams are conducting overhauls on some of South Africa’s coal power stations, working on the turbines, generators and auxiliaries. Our main drive is to reduce outage duration and increase the quality of execution.

  • Maintenance and Repair of Power Stations and Substations

    We compiled teams of skilled workers that have done varying levels of maintenance and repairs on many of the national power stations and even substations.

  • Project and Site Managers Supplied some of the Projects Undertaken by the National Energy Supplier

    We have supplied site and project managers to ensure the timely and accurate completion of projects.

  • Field Operation Test for Vehicle Sensor Autonomous Driving

    Testing prototype sensors for a German automotive supplier by driving over 100 000 kilometres through cities, residential areas, country roads and motorways all over South Africa. Our technicians resolved technical errors and installed updated hardware. Drivers reported possible error causes accurately and software updates were uploaded during the shifts by our operators, allowing for immediate feedback.

  • Quality Feedback During Production Ramp-up of New Automotive Models

    We execute quality validation runs on the new production model during the ramp-up so that the OEM could get immediate feedback on any issues arising.

  • Consulting with the Power Industry

    Our experts assess power stations’ effectiveness, formulate recommendations for operational effectiveness enhancements, and oversee the implementation of these recommendations.

  • Specialized Skills Candidates Provided to Companies

    Resources with very specific skills have been seconded and outsourced to clients that needed these individuals for only the duration of single projects.

    Project Management

    Redheads delivers comprehensive project management services tailored to accommodate projects of all sizes and scopes, ranging from small-scale initiatives to large-scale endeavours. Our services are provided to clients globally, ensuring value through adherence to the highest project management standards and leveraging the expertise of our seasoned project managers for timely, cost-effective, and high-quality delivery.

    We support our clients in optimizing technical scope, capital cost, schedule, and execution plans for their projects. Our guidelines incorporate suitable front-end loading to maximize investment value and guarantee a robust decision-making process. Our services encompass all project phases from conceptualization to completion, including planning, scheduling, cost control, design, construction, and operational stages.

    Our project managers are registered with relevant professional project management organizations, adhering to international best practices and standards in project implementation.